The name Movesgood
THE COMPANY HAS AN ETHICAL PLATFORM, hence the multifaceted name Movesgood, which aims to promote the benefits of a good movement. As we work from a wider perspective, we have chosen not only one reason of a good move, like the environment. We believe in the simple and solid actions that each individual can contribute with, to make the world a better place.

To reduce the load on the environment is a goal of ours at Movesgood. But how can we contribute to this in the best possible way? Well, certifications are very good, but more is required. Therefore, Movesgood works with this in numerous ways.
Suppliers and materials selection
MOVESGOOD REQUIRES that the suppliers we work with always use the most environmentally friendly methods. For shipping, we always choose the shipping companies that are environmentally certified. We are also careful not to pack our goods in too much packaging and plastic bags.

There is a lot going on with the development of new materials that are more environmentally friendly and that make the clothing industry more sustainable. Today Movesgood works almost exclusively with qualities that are kinder to the environment, such as viscose, lyocell, silk and bamboo. We use cotton sparingly in our garments since this is the least environmentally friendly quality.
Recycle garments
RECYCLING OF GARMENTS is becoming more common in the clothing market and several new players in this area have been established. Movesgood will shortly start collaborating with one of these companies, which will allow you to submit your "old" garments and make them recyclable.