Return Policy

Unfortunately, we do not offer change of products. If you want to change a product you will have to make a new order and return the product you do not want. The shipping fee for returns costs SEK 49 in Sweden, applies only in Sweden, if you use the preprinted shipping label that comes with the item. The cost of returns from outsid Sweden is paid by customer.. We will then deduct the cost from the amount refunded to you. Please return the product in the same condition as it was sent to you. You can return a product within 14 days of receiving it. It is the customers responsibility to guarantee that the product is return in it is original condition and that all markings and tags are available. After we have received and approved your return, the amount you have paid will be refunded with a deduction for return shipping. You will receive an email when the return is completed and the money refunded. It may take 5-15 days from receiving the return until you have the money back.

Return a product

Please fill in the enclosed return note carefully and use the preprinted consignment note and submit your shipment at the same place you downloaded it.